Macaw Merlot (reprinted from St. James Living magazine; “Sharing my Cache of Wine Wisdom”; wine column by Kharin Gibson; February 2019 issue)

Neither from any of my college wine courses nor from sojourns abroad with my sommelier companion, have I had much exposure to Brazilian wines.  Well, thanks to Doc Meridian Winery, our little boutique wine shop right here in Southport, I was able to experience Macaw Merlot, an uncomplicated red wine made in Southern Brazil’s Sierra Gaucha highlands. Due to the elevation and high rainfall, the terroir produces brightly colored grapes with high sugar content. A glassful yields dazzling magenta banded with tones of ruby-red, while immense fruitiness pops from the glass with wafts of juicy cherries, strawberries, and raspberries.

The wine is silky on the tongue and incredibly easy to drink, leaving a lingering fruit sensation on the tongue. This is a perfect wine for the novice wine drinker who is not ready to tackle the robustness of more sophisticated tannic wines. This style of merlot is enjoyable, straightforward, and finishes with a velvety smoothness making this a wine for all palates.

beetsThe Macaw Merlot is a great accompaniment to casual, unfussy fare such as pasta, hamburgers, or any course that adds a sweet fruit sauce.  I paired this wine with a delightful beet salad, grilled asparagus, and cheesy crab-filled portabellas. It made for one light-hearted, enjoyable meal. I would venture to guess this wine could be shared on Valentine’s Day with, for instance, some raspberry-chocolatey delicacy.

If you’re interested in finding out for yourself, or would like additional wine recommendations, visit Doc Meridian Winery where they offer a nice selection of varietals that you don’t typically come across at other local shops. They also make a great venue for sipping wine with friends, and certain days of the week offer live music.

Doc Meridian winery is located at 305 N. Howe Street in Southport. Tell them Kharin sent you!

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