2014 Westerly Sauvignon Blanc

As we lounge through the languid days of summer along our beautiful Cape Fear coastline, it’s always a pleasure to complement the season with a crisp, chilled white wine.

One of my summer favorites has been a fruit-forward Sauvignon Blanc, particularly from New Zealand’s Marlborough region.  I’ve always been enticed by the rich tropical fruitiness and the prominence of grapefruit.  Somehow subconsciously I equate the presence of grapefruit with the many fad diets and weight loss regimes I’ve attempted and in turn rationalize that this wine is an undeniable part of any health plan!

Recently I stepped away from my ‘Marlborough region comfort zone’ and ventured into Californian territory. I was surprisingly delighted with an American West Coast varietal, bottled by Westerly Sauvignon Blanc. This 2014 vintage was a real treat and broke me out of my New Zealand snobbery. This particular wine had a great nose, resonating with the sensations of summer, conjuring up hints of lime and white grapefruit, intertwined with sweet honeydew, maintaining all the tropical richness I enjoy. Each mouthful expanded on my palate with slight acidity, titillating and inviting. A perfect accompaniment to the blustery humid breeze rolling in off the beach.  

As the ethereal succulence of the wine carried me heavenward, I remained earthbound by the flinty, mineral resonance of this wine.  I encourage everyone who enjoys a good fruity white wine to sample this 2014 Westerly Sauvignon Blanc, available at Doc Meridian on Howe Street in Southport, North Carolina.

Be sure to tell them Kharin sent you!

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