The Oeno-File: Sharing my Cache of Wine Wisdom

Winter is here and my drinking preferences have turned to deep, luscious reds.  As a holiday gift, I was given a 2014 Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon. Not only was I thrilled that this gift was not the ubiquitous Christmas fruitcake that has been bounced like a hot potato from household to household, but my gift-bearers were keen that a smile spreads across my face at the prospect of a nice bottle of wine.

charles krugOn the nose I sensed notes of pepper, blackberry, and black currant. Upon first approach, I enjoyed the flavor of blueberry and sweet black cherry interlacing on the tongue.  I experienced a wonderfully fruitful sensation.  And, as the wine adjusted to my palate, I got the full blown effect of bursting berries with a slightly jammy taste.

I love wines full of tannins though this particular wine wasn’t overblown. It elicited moderate, yet firm tannins, typical of Napa Valley sauvignons. The finish was lasting, which I personally love, especially when pairing with food.  Beyond the assemblage of fruitiness, each sip imparted a sweetness, which rolled into a slight dryness from a soft, silky mouth feel.

It so happened that this wine paired very well with a spicy chicken dish I had been concocting.  The bottle retails around the $40 range and makes a nice accompaniment to a home cooked meal, or as in my case, a well-received holiday gift!  So, if you’re looking for a little something for that certain someone, consider a bottle of Charles Krug’s Cabernet Sauvignon.



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