Banshee 2014 Mordecai

For those that love a good, somewhat subtle red blend, this California find is sure to please. Less than a decade ago, three friends, each with an interest in wine, got together and created the brand, Banshee Wines.banshee-wine-crop

Producing both reds and whites, their proprietorial 2014 Mordecai is an intriguingly regal blend of Cabernet, Syrah and Zinfandel followed by smaller percentages of Merlot, Carignan, Cabernet Franc and Cinsault. Its deep purple, plum shade reveals a slight tawniness at its edges, alluding to its being oak-aged.

On the nose, there are fine tendrils of tobacco, oak and caramel emanating and weaving their way through more fervent scents of blackberry and spice. With such a textured aroma and a name like Banshee, you might expect this wine to come screeching out of the bottle with a wallop. The fact is that on the palate, it is balanced and structured, but somewhat more ethereal than you’d expect. 

Mind you, there is a richness and escalation in flavor, but then rounds out on the tongue and settles with silky, modest, yet noticeable tannins. The finish is overall smooth, with just a nudge of tongue prickle and spiciness.

This wine can be served with any charcuterie board or paired with stew, steak, veal, roasted chicken and curried dishes. I’ve noticed that the price of this wine ranges depending on where you shop for wine, but I can safely say that I’ve found it for under $20 and it’s worth every penny.

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