Starborough’s Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Summer is coming to a close (as of this writing), and I have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the season with Starborough’s Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.  Starborough_Sauvignon_Blanc_Marlborough_2014_Bottle-900x900

Each sip of this wine undulates the good vibrations of summer, evoking memories of heady tropical sunshine, fresh cut grass and juicy, ready-to-pick fruit dangling from branches.

From the Marlborough region of New Zealand this wine enjoys a long, cool growing season which aids in formulating a crisp, refreshing, drinkable wine.

At first approach, the nose is heavy with the intense citric scent of pink grapefruit, trailed behind by the slightest hint of verbena lemon. The taste is well balanced with fruit-forward, tropical sweetness, nice acidity and a subtle lingering tartness on the finish.grapefruit

The 2014 vintage seemed to attain a bit more complexity and roundedness of flavor and acidity than the 2015 vintage, which has a tad less structure. This is not to say that the 2015 isn’t worth the effort.  It is indeed a great table wine paired with fresh grilled seafood, Asian fare or spicy Indian at table

Starborough’s Sauvignon Blanc has become one of my absolute favorites, and now as we fold into the coolness of fall, makes me long for the return of steamy, sun-drenched summer days.


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