Fat Andy’s Burger in Southport, NC

nameEverybody has a concept of who has the best burger.  But what is the best burger and what makes one burger so uniquely different from another?  How does a ground beef sandwich regale in being deemed the best?

Juicy patties, fresh airy buns and a litany of adorning condiments may be key. For some the entire burger experience is crucial. It matters to people whether a burger is regally served in a sit-down restaurant or quickly grabbed from a greasy kiosk. In any event, the hamburger, America’s ultimate finger food, has predominated our food culture for decades now and is undoubtedly captivating the interest of the rest of the world.

On the long stretch of roadway headed to Oak Island, an off-white planked shack sits parched and trimmed in red. Tendrils of ochre smoke rise from behind the cottage as occasional patrons ascend and descend wooden stairs, with the screen door quickly opening and snapping shut.Fat Andys front porch

This vestibule, home of Southport’s most outstanding hamburger, is the entrance to Fat Andy’s.  It is one of those places that is easily missed. Without the advantage of word-of-mouth this roadside hut would usually be passed up.

It was from a dependable source where I received the tip that Fat Andy’s Burger is the best burger in town. When you enter Fat Andy’s you are greeted immediately by a counter and a cashier. Its standing room only as you wait for your order, there are no tables or chairs.  Outside are a couple of picnic tables, so your options are to eat outside or take your order home.

I’ve done both and either way, I’ve had a hellava burger. I always order a cheeseburger with “the works” and it has always been superb. I might even venture to say that it’s probably the best burger within a sizable radius.  It comes packaged in tin-foil wrap and placed in a paper bag. The meat is juicy, fresh and cooked to perfection, reminiscent of a backyard BBQ.  A deliciously seasoned patty between a soft fluffy bun is like a picnic in heaven. What else makes a burger worthwhile?

If in the end, you are licking your fingers with a slight grin, you know you’ve got a winner. Fat Andy’s is definitely worth the time and worth the trip. The only thing to be aware of is they accept cash only, so when you go, be prepared.  You’ll find that Fat Andy’s serves up a delicious burger without frills yet packs in plenty of flavor. They are located at 4655 Long Beach Road in Southport and usually open from 11 am – 7 pm, Monday through Saturday.

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