Charonge Orange Chardonnay Wine

The Omnivoyeur

I was meandering through World Market’s wine selection one Sunday afternoon when I was summoned to an informal wine tasting amid wooden crates and various cardboard boxes. Not quite what I’m used to, in fact it felt borderline alleyway ghetto.  But then, I’ll never refuse an offering of an adult beverage and a chance to catch a slight buzz in the midst of retail reconnaissance.

I tried many a thimbleful of various vinos and through my usual doe-eyed naivety, I inquired about each varietal with a puzzled look – a ploy that I often engage in – to elicit a second or third sample.  I loaded up my cart with a couple of bottles of reds and whites, but one wine in particular caught my fancy.

I guess at this point I must have been preoccupied with the vivid, colorful bottle. It reminded me of a summer sunrise.  The wine is…

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