Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami’s South Beach

Joe’s Stone Crab is one of Miami Beach’s oldest iconic restaurants. This Magic City mainstay has been serving patrons for over a hundred years and it’s a haven for diehard stone crab lovers.

Stone crab are one of South Florida’s most prized delicacies. They can only be harvested between mid-October to mid-May due to the many restrictions on their capture, including claw size and methods of trapping. When it comes to Joe’s, the old economic principle of supply and demand kicks in.  And, trust me, there is a big demand.

Joe’s doesn’t take reservations, so eager dinner guests can wait in line for a minimum of 45 minutes just to get a table. Regulars know this and expect it. Each season they keep coming back for what is undeniably the most sumptuous tasting stone crab in town. 20150312_142454 (2) (2)

Pssst… here is a little secret – if you want to get a table without the long wait, visit Joe’s for lunch.  There are no guarantees, but your chances of snagging a table quicker are much greater.

Joe’s offers a good menu assortment, but the biggest reason people stand eagerly in line is for the soft, sweet, succulent stone crab served with melted butter and Joe’s very own tangy mustard sauce.  It is absolutely delicious.  Let me warn you, you may have to work for your food, mining out each delectable tidbit, but the results are so worth the effort.  Pinning for each petite forkful allows you the time to savor each morsel.

There are a handful of sides to accompany the meal, but honestly, they aren’t memorable. Once you succumb to the lusciously sweet claw meat, you won’t even care about sides.20150312_135922 (2)

Another notable treat I encountered on my last visit was the devilishly delicious Key Lime Martini -nothing says South Florida better than that. This is truly dessert in a glass….Stoli vanilla vodka, fresh-made key lime curd and sour mix. Tart, tasty and oh so delicious.

During stone crab season, Joe’s Stone Crab should be a must on anyone’s itinerary whenever in Miami Beach.  They are located at 11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.  Check out their website at for more information.   

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