Valentine’s Celebration at Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table Savannah, GA

The Omnivoyeur

When you think about celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other, the typical thought of a romantic dinner with champagne in an intimate setting is usually conjured up. But who wants typical? It’s time to break from the norm. This year I felt like doing something a little less pedestrian.  I wanted to harness my energy, roll up my sleeves and dive head first into a hands-on culinary experience. My date and I decided that we would spend our Valentine’s evening at Savannah’s own Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table.Chef Darin

Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table is a unique dining experience in that you’re not waited on, pampered, served or coddled in any way.  It’s all-hands-on-deck and everyone is participating in this teaching kitchen.  I’ve got to say that even though I had to work for my meal, the experience provided immeasurable amounts of fun, practical information and has become one of the…

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